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‘A CONFIDENCE TRICK or SCAM is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence’ - Wikipedia

While conventional crime is falling, there is an increasing likelihood of becoming a victim of a scam. The offenders range from single individuals to international organised crime groups. Some are very obvious, including spelling mistakes and grammatical errors; others can be extremely convincing.

The proceeds are huge. The victims can be anyone, whether elderly, vulnerable, someone caught off guard or short of money, or someone simply responding to a request for help. Keep one step ahead, and don’t be taken in. 

For further advice and to report any such scams and frauds, contact Action Fraud at; or on 101. For regular alerts and updates from Neighbourhood Watch about scams such as these, and crimes in your area, register your details at;, or via 101. 

To find out about the many different types of scam read the Neighbourhood Watch Scambook (pdf) or this leaflet about postal and telephone fraud and how to protect yourself from doorstep criminals (pdf)

For details of the latest local scam alerts check the News page.