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The Council investigates reports concerning anti-social behaviour and takes the subject very seriously.

You can use this online form to report ASB or phone 01827 709359.

If the nuisance is happening at this present time and is affecting your quality of life, please report it to Tamworth Police on 0300 123 4455 through the Staffordshire switchboard. After investigation we will gather up any evidence and take any necessary action possible.

With the form you have the option of remaining anonymous, although please note if you do this and the Council has no means of contacting you, the investigation may be adversely affected by lack of evidence supplied by you (the reporter). You can remain anonymous but still leave a contact number such as a mobile phone so we can contact you to ask any further questions or update you where necessary.

  • Only dial 999 when:
    • there is a threat to life
    • a crime is in progress at that moment
    • offenders are nearby
    • a serious accident has happened.