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When a crisis or emergency happens, you know when you dial 999 we’ll respond. However, what most people don’t realise is that part of our job is to prevent accidents before they happen.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service undertakes a number of activities, all aimed at making our Staffordshire communities safer and stronger. We know that responding to emergencies is our first duty but we also recognise that we can help prevent fires in the home and at work - so hopefully you'll never need to dial 999.

We run a number of services designed to inform and help members of the community to protect their homes and business premises. Whether it’s educating children or raising awareness of road safety among drivers, we know that what we do can have a significant impact - reducing risk and saving lives.

The service endeavours to continue with its work in support of the Tamworth Community Safety Partnership and we firmly believe that together with our partners we can make a difference within the area and make a difference to people’s lives.

Click on the links to take a look at our website, and at the two fire stations in Tamworth.


Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service website

Tamworth Community Fire Station

Tamworth Mercia Community Fire Station