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drugsDrug misuse can have many bad effects - both on the person misusing drugs, their family and friends and the wider community. As well as affecting a person's health and wellbeing, work and family life, there is a significant link between drug misuse and crime.

On of the priorities of the Community Safety Partnership is to reduce the harm caused by the misuse of drugs, so significantly improving the quality of life for the affected person as well as society as a whole.

Our focus in tackling drug misuse is on prevention, education, awareness and enforcement. This includes:

  • Working in schools to educate pupils about drugs and their misuse

  • Providing drug treatment and rehabilitation

  • Working to reassure the community and reduce the perception of drugs as a major problem

  • Keeping communities involved about drug warrants, arrests and seizures

  • Working with licenced premises to tackle drug misuse


Partners who can help

Adsis - Staffordshire's alcohol and drug dependency specialists
Adsis provides free, confidential advice and support to adults affected by their own or someone else's misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances. To contact them or for more information, please go to the Adsis website.

T3 - young person's substance misuse service
T3 supports young people to make informed choices about drug or alcohol use and understand the risks involved, with the aim of reducing the risk of harm associated with drug or alcohol misuse. T3 works with young people aged between 10 and 18, or up to 25 if they have learning difficulties. To contact them or for more information, see the T3 website.